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Garrett Turbochargers

Garrett Turbochargers

A turbo is a high technology product that requires superior design and intensive capital to produce. It must meet the severe requirement that only a world class manufacturer like Garrett can achieve.

Garrett is one of the few turbo-charging manufacturers that subjects our turbos to several OE qualification tests. These turbocharging "qual tests" ensure Garrett produces a safe and reliable turbo for OE applications. When you buy a Garrett turbo you can be sure it is a reliable one!

On-Engine Durability - A 1,000-hour general turbocharger durability test that is run on-engine in one of Garrett's engineering laboratories. Some engines die before our turbos do!

We have Garrett Diesel turbos for agriculture, light duty truck, and industrial diesel engines.

Garrett Turbochargers

Garrett Turbochargers

  • GT1241
  • GT1544
  • GT1548
  • GT2052
  • GT2056
  • GT2252
  • GT2259
  • GT2554R
  • GT2560R
  • GT2854R
  • GT2859R
  • GT2860R
  • GT2860RS
  • GT2871R
  • GT2876R
  • GT3071R
  • GTX3071R
  • GT3076R
  • GTX3076R
  • GT3271
  • GT3582R
  • GTX3582R
  • GT3776
  • GT3782
  • GT3788R
  • GT4088
  • GT4088R
  • GT4094R
  • GT4294
  • GT4294R
  • GTX4294R
  • GT4202
  • GT4202R
  • GTX4202R
  • GT4508R
  • GTX4508R
  • GT4708
  • GT4708R
  • GT4718
  • GT4718R
  • GT5533R
  • GT5541R
  • GT6041

Garrett's ball bearing cartridge has proven its worth in the highest level of motorsports where it has been the bearing system of choice in CART FEDEX ChampCar Series, 24 Hours of Le Mans, Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, World Rally Championship, and most recently Drag Racing. These premier racing customers demand no less than the best in durability, reliability, and power on demand. One key contributor to this performance lies in the ball bearing cartridge where it is, by design, surrounded by a thin film of oil. The oil film damps out destructive vibrations that would otherwise compromise turbo durability.