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Fuel Injection and Turbocharger Specialist Since 1970
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In 1939 Diesel Kiki Co., Ltd. was founded under a Bosch license for domestic production of fuel-injection pumps for diesel engines. Originally established with an investment from a then major Japanese manufacturer of engines for heavy-duty vehicles, this company was renamed ZEXEL Corp. in 1990 and reorganized as Bosch Automotive Systems Corp. in 2000.

Effectively July 1, 2005 Bosch K.K. merged with Bosch Automotive Systems Corp. and was renamed to Bosch Corporation. We are confident that the merger will make it possible to provide our customers with better customer-oriented services and state-of-the-art technologies, while generating further synergy effects through effective utilization of the business resources.

In April 2003, the Aftermarket section of Bosch Automotive Systems Corporation (the former ZEXEL Corporation) was integrated into Bosch K.K. (RBJP), in Yokohama. Bosch K.K. is now handling all the aftermarket business on behalf of Bosch Automotive Systems Corporation. Bosch Automotive Systems Corporation is concentrating on OEM (original equipment manufacturer) sales.

Inline Pumps

Inline Pumps

  • PE (S) - A, AD
  • PE (S) - P, PD
  • PE (S) - K
  • PE (S) - Z, ZW
  • HD - TICS
  • MD - TICS
  • PF
  • PFR
Distributor Pumps

Distributor Pumps

  • VE
  • VRZ
Nozzle Holders

Nozzle Holders

  • DN-S Type
  • DN-PD Type
  • DLL-S Type
  • DLLA-P Type


  • DN - Type
  • DLL - Type