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Local: 405-943-8536
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Fax: 405-943-0702

6019 S 116th E Ave
Tulsa 74146

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Thompson Turbo

128 Falcon Dr
Oklahoma City 73127

Local: 405-787-1670
Toll Free: 1-888-824-5517
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Fuel Injection and Turbocharger Specialist Since 1970
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Common Rail Injectors
We can now check Bosch Dodge, Duramax and Ford 6.7 Piezo and common rail injectors.

Your Source for Diesel Engine Service in Oklahoma City, OK

When you’re in need of diesel service, it doesn’t pay to trust just anyone with your vehicle— instead, put your trust in professionals who know exactly what your engine needs. As the area’s top specialists in diesel engine service in Oklahoma City, OK, we’re confident that the service you get from us will be head and shoulders above the rest.

We also provide service for natural gas turbos and regulators for Waukesha and Caterpillar engines, serving all 50 states as a factory authorized service center. And, because we’re truly dedicated to your diesel needs, we’ve diversified our service centers to meet the exact requirements of your vehicle.

Services Offered

  • Thompson Diesel Inc. - Tulsa 1-800-364-2535
    Fuel Injection Pumps, turbos and injectors for all diesel engines. Parts and service.
  • Thompson Diesel Inc. - Oklahoma City 1-800-333-6573
    Fuel Injection Pumps, turbos and injectors for all diesel engines. Parts and service. Light duty diesel fuel injection and turbo truck repair for Dodge, Duramax and Ford.
  • Thompson Turbo - Oklahoma City 1-888-824-5517
    Concentrates on the Natural Gas Turbos and regulators for Waukesha and Caterpillar engines and services all 50 states. Factory authorized!
About Us

Our Turbo Shop

Thompson Turbo, a division of Thompson Diesel Inc., is a company totally committed to serving the natural gas industry. Our turbocharger rebuild center is located in Oklahoma City, OK. With over 35 years of experience, we are the leader in the natural gas industry for small-bore turbocharger repair and our primary focus is on turbochargers for CAT and Waukesha engines.

The latest and most effective equipment is used in our rebuild process to help keep costs in line and our products competitively priced. Precise specifications and details are closely adhered to during the rebuild procedure.

Our inventory is second to none in North America for natural gas turbochargers and replacement piece parts. We understand the needs of the industry and are ready to meet them. Our commitment is to have what the customer needs when they need it.

We utilize a RIMSS computer system to aid us in serial number tracking of customer jobs as well as inventory control and other departmental needs. We are also EPA compliant for hazardous waste disposal.

About Us

Our Diesel Shop

From our diesel shop, we do it all in regards to diesel engine needs and peripheral services. Whether you’re looking for regular maintenance or have something more pressing that’s plaguing your vehicle, we’ll be here to route the problem and provide an encompassing, sustainable solution.

While we are experts regarding diesel pump service in Oklahoma City, OK, our range of expertise is broad and encompassing, reaching even the finest of issues, where we’ll have no trouble applying our knowledge and quality products to remedy the problem in its entirety, without giving you the runaround that can prove to be costly at other diesel service centers.

We are continually upgrading our products and service and keeping our people well trained and equipped. One of our goals is to meet the challenge of an ever-changing field of technology and to be a team open to new ideas and continuous improvement that will ensure quality for the future. At Thompson Diesel Inc., our mission is your satisfaction.

Whether you’re seeking diesel pump service in Oklahoma City, OK or are vying for a complete engine rebuild, consult with Thompson Diesel Inc. today about your needs by calling 405-943-8536.